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Once upon a time, there lived a very special chicken in an interesting place ...

Known by some as a cross between an Ayam Cemani and a Sapphire Gem, this rare bird is known by us as 'Gem'. Regardless of which name one chooses, these lovely chickens are known far and wide across America.

Located at our family farm, Snowflake Farms, she is the start of a whole new batch of hens born here in May 2023.


Several  legends are told regarding the origins of Chickens however, we appreciate Gem and her other two hen friends (Bardie and Frizz) here on the farm. With grasshoppers and the like, there's plenty for our 3 hens to do.


Perhaps, there will be even more things that you will find interesting about the farm other than the chickens.

For example we start the cold weather crops like Kale and Swiss Chard as early as possible and keep them growing and producing all through the Summer months up until Winter. Yes, we harvest all those months and if you have never seen Lettuce or Kale "trees" , as we call them, it is quite a sight to behold. This year, we are experimenting with starting a fall crop, not from seeds, but from plants that were set in a cool and shady area all Summer and then transplanted into their final home at the end of the HOT season.

According to the locals, the season here is short, unpredictable and one can't depend on crops to perform. We even had an ice storm in July 2023.  Here at Snowflake Farms, we keep trying new things and have been pleasantly surprised over the past few years.

"Take a look ! You just may find something interesting and useful ..."  'Gem'

Saffire Gem.jpg

Sapphire Gem 2023


FTA - Feed The Animals: This  project is ongoing and designed to help build healthy stock and keep them thriving even during the harsh Winter months. We hope to feed our chickens as naturally as possible, without buying feed.

BAC - Build A Coop: Having a safe haven from the strong Summer sun and harsh Winter winds is a necessity for all those living on the farm. Every animal on the farm can take refuge from not only the elements but from wild critters as well. This next year, we hope to build a better coop for our hens.

ECP - Egg Continuation Project: Our goal is to keep the hens producing eggs steadily and naturally so that all can enjoy the goodness of "Fresh Eggs" from the farm.

TBP - The Bug Project: Some animals are raised for food purposes. Our hens are also here to help us keep the bugs, mostly grasshoppers, population to a manageable level. The more efficient they are, the more we all enjoy the harvest.

TGE - The Garden Expansion: Normally, new gardens take a year or two to have great production. This year we created a second big garden here at Snowflake Farms and were amazed at the almost immediate benefits and harvest. Our secret, we believe is from the chicken poop!

VFT - Virtual Farm Tour: While not everyone can visit the farm in person, imagine being able to visit the farm and the hens online. In the future, you may be able to take the tour of Snowflake Farms from the comfort of your computer/phone. We hope to be on several social media platforms in the upcoming years to assist us with getting a Virtual Farm Tour set for online viewing. Watch for us and be sure to subscribe to our channel. Thanks for spending your time here. Much appreciated!



Copyright 2023 - Snowflake Farms

Russ Fuller - Master Gardener

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